Puma Extends Lynx Gold Trend to Over 4 km at Williams Brook

  • New high-grade gold veins sampled at the Tiger Gold Zone (TGZ) returned 19.90 g/t gold and 14.50 g/t gold, confirming continuous high-grade gold mineralization over 1.5 km.
  • A new prospective area, the Cheetah Gold Zone (“CHGZ”), discovered 3km along strike from the Tiger Gold Zone, returned 6.69 g/t gold in initial trenching operations.
  • The hydrothermal system with gold mineralization remains open to the NE with evidence of pervasive alteration at surface.

Rimouski, December 12, 2023– Puma Exploration Inc. (TSX-V: PUMA, OTCQB: PUMXF) (the “Company” or “Puma”) is pleased to announce the surface results from its 2023 field exploration program at its 100%-owned Williams Brook Gold Project in Northern New Brunswick. A total of 1,135 samples were collected within 54 new trenches along the NE trending mineralized Gold Corridor that extends now for 4 km from the Lynx Gold Zone to the new Cheetah Gold Zone (“CHGZ”), which includes the Tiger Gold Zone (Figure 1).

Puma’s president and CEO, Marcel Robillard, commented, “Our work at the Lynx Gold Zone since 2021 has returned impressive results with high-grade gold mineralization extending 750 m along strike to a depth of 200 m. We know that the system is open both laterally and at depth. We have always suspected a very large gold system at Williams Brook. These preliminary surface results from Tiger and now the new Cheetah zone confirm the potential to define other significant gold deposits along this 4 km corridor and beyond.  We’ll launch an inaugural drilling program at Tiger in early 2024, and we’re excited to test this new cluster of gold-rich quartz veins. We expect the drill results of this campaign will increase our already significant gold inventory.”  

“Gold mineralization at the Williams Brook Project is hosted in quartz veins that occur in broad zones at the contact margin between different rock types and competencies. The higher-grade gold mineralization is structurally controlled and generally occurs near this contact. As with many gold systems, the source of the gold mineralization is a large, underlying magmatic system. The extensive limonite alteration that extends to over 100 metres in depth and 4 km in strike length shows evidence of a large system here. As we’ve successfully shown in the past, our first round of drilling at Tiger will target the bedding contact to intersect the high-grade quartz veins at depth and confirm the presence of additional gold chutes in the extension of the Lynx Gold Zone.” noted Dominique Gagné, Puma’s Chief Geologist.  

Tiger Gold Zone

Surface exploration work this summer, along the Lynx Gold Trend, expanded the Tiger Gold Zone (TGZ), a gold showing identified last year located 350 m away from the LGZ, for continuous gold mineralization of more than 1.5 km.  Four (4) sizeable, mineralized quartz veins oriented WNW were discovered and returned significant High-Grade Gold results (see Table 1).

The Tiger Gold Zone area now spans 400 m by 180 m. Gold mineralization at the TGZ occurs in quartz veins with limonite alteration and disseminated chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena, and malachite typical of the high-grade veins discovered at the Lynx Gold Zone. Also, as at the Lynx Gold Zone, the veins occur to the contact between rocks of different competencies – volcanic and sediment units.

Figure 1. Gold zones along the Lynx Gold Trend (LGT)


Table 1. Grab samples* assay results highlights with grades above 1 g/t gold
Zone Type Sample X Y Lithology Alt. / Min Au-Best
LGZ Stripping G237029 660343 5259477 Quartz vein lim 288.00
LGZ Stripping G237027 660341 5259474 Quartz vein lim 35.20
LGZ T23-09 G239616 660424 5259545 Quartz vein lim 26.00
TGZ T23-41 J026975 660913 5259829 Quartz vein lim 19.90
TGZ Stripping J026775 660862 5259929 Quartz vein lim 14.50
LGZ T23-02 G236936 660238 5259246 Quartz vein lim 13.20
LGZ T23-02 G236937 660237 5259247 Quartz vein ser, lim 12.45
CHGZ T23-37 G237236 662340 5261573 Quartz vein lim,ser 6.69
TGZ T21-07 G238377 660872 5259928 Quartz vein 4.58
TGZ T23-38 J026791 660902 5259940 Quartz vein lim 4.48
TGZ T23-41 J014980 660919 5259831 Quartz vein lim,ser 4.30
TGZ T23-38 J026793 660901 5259940 Quartz vein lim 4.00
LGZ T23-02 G236939 660235 5259245 Quartz vein ser, lim 3.98
TGZ T23-48 J028353 660966 5259908 Quartz vein lim 3.60
LGZ T23-02 G236941 660239 5259246 Quartz vein ser,lim 3.58
LGZ T23-09 G236962 660426 5259553 Quartz vein 3.46
LGZ T23-09 G239606 660426 5259549 Quartz vein lim,ser 3.13
LGZ Stripping G237030 660343 5259478 Quartz vein lim 2.78
TGZ T23-41 J026971 660916 5259829 Quartz vein lim 2.68
LGZ T23-09 G239605 660426 5259551 Quartz vein 2.64
LGZ T23-12 G236990 660393 5259406 Quartz vein lim,ser 2.53
TGZ Stripping J026776 660861 5259925 Quartz vein lim 2.53
TGZ T21-07 J026665 660874 5259930 Quartz vein lim 2.25
LGZ T23-12 G239629 660388 5259401 Quartz vein lim 1.94
TGZ T23-42 J028007 660829 5259910 Quartz vein lim 1.93
TGZ T23-38 J026792 660902 5259941 Quartz vein 1.76
LGZ T23-09 G239787 660465 5259531 Quartz vein lim 1.72
LGZ T23-09 G236959 660428 5259552 Quartz vein 1.72
TGZ T23-41 J026983 660918 5259831 Quartz vein lim 1.68
TGZ T23-46 J028312 661022 5260104 Quartz vein lim,ser,ma,ga ,cpy 1.63
LGZ T23-01 G236909 660252 5259166 Quartz vein ´py 1.59
LGZ T23-09 G239609 660425 5259548 Quartz vein lim,ser 1.49
TGZ Stripping J026753 660873 5259931 Sediment veinlets lim 1.37
LGZ T23-02 G236935 660237 5259251 Rhyolite veinlets lim 1.37
TGZ T23-50 J028357 660801 5259848 Quartz vein lim 1.26
LGZ T23-02 G236931 660243 5259248 Rhyolite veinlets lim 1.15
TGZ T23-41 J028277 660964 5259848 Quartz vein lim,ser 1.13
LGZ T23-02 G236940 660239 5259245 Quartz vein ser,lim 1.08

*The reader is cautioned that grab samples are selective by nature and may not represent the true metal content of the mineralized zone.

Image 1. Stripped quartz vein at the TGZ showing location of sample J026775
Image 2. Trench 23-41 showing location of sample J026975 at the Tiger Gold Zone
Image 3. Cheetah Gold Zone (CHGZ)

About the Williams Brook Gold Project

Puma’s flagship Williams Brook Gold Project comprises four properties covering more than 49,000 ha in Northern New Brunswick—an established and mining-friendly jurisdiction near paved roads and with excellent infrastructure nearby. The land package is located near the Rocky Brook Millstream Fault (“RBMF”), a major regional structure formed during the Appalachian Orogeny and a significant control for gold deposition in the region.

Since 2021 and with less than C$12M of exploration investment. Puma has made multiple gold discoveries at the Williams Brook property and believes that the property hosts an extensive orogenic gold system. Puma’s ongoing exploration programs are focused on building a gold camp in Northern New Brunswick, Canada.

Dr. Gregg Morrison, a leading expert on intrusion-related, porphyry and epithermal gold systems, stated: “I believe Williams Brook is part of the same family of gold systems as Fosterville and Sunday Creek in Australia and Valentine Lake in Newfoundland. These other deposits are known for their structure-controlled mineralization, metal zoning, free gold in bonanza shoots and kilometre scale depth extent.  The similarities to these more comprehensively explored deposits gives real confidence to deeper drilling in the Lynx Zone and continued exploration around the feeder structures in the Williams Brook District.’’

Figure 2. Main gold showings and occurrences at the Williams Brook Gold Project

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On-Site Quality Assurance/Quality Control (“QA/QC”) Measures

Drill core and surface samples are bagged, sealed and sent to ALS CHEMEX in Moncton, New Brunswick, where each sample is crushed and pulped before being fire-assayed (Au-ICP21). The remaining coarse reject portions of the samples remain in storage for further work or verification as needed. As part of its QA/QC program, the Company inserts external gold standards (low to high grade) and blanks every 20 samples in addition to standards, blanks, and duplicates. All samples over 10 g/t gold or with abundant visible gold are analyzed with a gravity finish (Au-GRA22). Check assays are routinely performed for samples with visible gold to ascertain the gold content of the mineralization zone.

About Puma Exploration

Puma Exploration is a Canadian-based mineral exploration company with precious metals projects in New Brunswick, near Canada’s Famous Bathurst Mining Camp (“BMC”). Puma has a long history in Northern New Brunswick, having worked on regional projects for over 15 years. As a first mover, the Company quickly and strategically accumulated an impressive portfolio of prospective gold landholdings in the area. Puma’s successful exploration methodology combines old prospecting methods with detailed trenching and up-to-date technology such as Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to facilitate an understanding of the geology and associated mineralized systems. Armed with geophysical surveys, geochemical data and consultants’ expertise, Puma has developed a perfect low-cost exploration tool to discover gold at shallow depths and maximize drilling results.

The Company is also committed to deploying its DEAR strategy (Development. Exploration. Acquisition. and Royalties) to generate maximum value for shareholders with low share dilution.

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